Kalup Linzy at Seattle Art Museum Aug 13, 2010

by Tania Kupczak

Here at OtB, we’ve been tracking Kalup Linzy’s ascent from his self-produced YouTube videos to his recent appearances on General Hospital with James Franco. Linzy appeared at last year’s TBA festival and is now headed to Seattle on Aug 19 for a one-night-only performance at Seattle Art Museum. Here’s what they say he’ll be up to:

"Part Richard Pryor, part RuPaul, Kalup Linzy uses performance, music and videos of live action and animation to create unique experiences that are tender and vulgar, hilarious and heartfelt. Linzy has been named a key figure in a new generation of “queer video artists.” In this evening performance, the artist performs and interacts with his series of daytime soap opera–inspired videos Conversations Wit de Churen."

Ticket information here

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