JERK | Who can relate to teenage serial killers? Nov 7, 2008

by Jessica

I remember being 16 in 1974. Skinny, long hair like Aerosmith. With no job or no cash. I would hitch a ride when I missed the bus which was every day. At least half of the rides I would get were from someone with an agenda. An excuse, "My girlfriend got me all worked up, I really want to suck your dick..." I didn't feel threatened, it was flattering really. A well dressed man in his 40's picking up a wet teenager in a his Porsche. "Let's go to my house...". It wasn't my kind of thing. While I was watching this I thought of the guy in his mid thirties, fresh out of prison, who showed me how to shoot dope at 16. By the time I was 18 I was strung out. Convulsions, respiratory failure, were a commonplace event. But as abhorrent as this may have been, it is certainly not murder. I wondered why he was telling this story. A monster, and a teenager. What kind of person would do this. It seemed to be an isolated event. An anomaly. Maybe something that happens every 25 years or so. After the show a discussion ensued. Sartre, Marquis de Sade were mentioned. But it didn't seem to be what was happening here. I was reading about a soldier in Iraq. He was facing court martial for tearing a baby apart with his bare hands. His case was going well and he was sent home. Maybe a medical discharge and it would be over. But when he got home he killed his wife and her mother. I imagine an 18 year old being given a machine gun loaded with depleted uranium rounds and ordered to shoot anything that moves. One day after he quit his job at the coffee shop, or 2 credits short of graduating, doing whatever it is 18 year olds do these days. Following a few weeks of basic training, teaching him how not to think of the people he is slaughtering as human beings. I guess teenage serial killers are not as rare as i thought. But even less rare are the monsters who make them. -Richard Lefebvre