Jan Fabre's "absurd wink at the culture of excess" Apr 13, 2009

by Jessica

The Low Countries blog, "an electric spin on the ink yearbook The Low Countries," wrote up a little summary about Jan Fabre as a theater maker and visual artist back in January in advance of the premiere of Orgy of Tolerance. In brief:

" is not one bit surprising that The New York Times labeled Fabre’s work as rife with  ”˜truly surprising provocative imagery.’ Yet the agent provocateur is also a sacred monster. Art-critically sacred, as is obvious from the fact that last year he had the prestigious The Angel of Metamorphosis show at the venerable Musée du Louvre in Paris..."

It's a great, brief overview of Fabre, recent highlights  from his  visual art pieces in recent years, and an intro to Orgy, his latest performance.