H3 reviews around Seattle Jan 29, 2010

by Jessica

Here are some of the reviews that have come in so far of Bruno Beltrao | Grupo de Rua at On the Boards: "The show then explodes into a form of controlled kinetic madness ”¦and never really lets up." - Seattlest "...the whirling scuttles, glancing catches in midair, twinings and near collisions feel like a new kind of a movement vocabulary in the making." - Seattle Times "It explores the power of connection and the power of the body. It’s all about BEAUTY, TENDERNESS, DELICACY and REFLECTION and it is an unbelievable show. I’d go back every night if I could (seats are very scarce at this point)." - breathlesspace  / Seattle Dances "The first 20 minutes of "H3" showcased the incredible physical mastery, artistry, and athleticism of 3 of the company's dancers" - Ak.Ward POV "If you find yourself at On the Boards seeing a show called H3 be warned, it is REALLY for people who like modern dance." / "I can safely say that H3 was one the best things I've ever seen - at OtB or anywhere else." - Teen Tix (from reviewer Josh and rebuttals from the commenters) "...Beltrão's H3 is an almost Mametian (in terms of its masculinity, rather than its misogyny) exploration of men interacting with men..." - The SunBreak "The hip-hop dancer’s physicality is so much about strength and the flow of movement within himself, about his own solidity and compactness of movement, that when he does get airborne it is amazing, like watching a rock float, or a stone suddenly spin up in the air." - City Arts     We'll keep adding reviews as they are published!