Gathering Note on Icebreaker V and Kurtag's "Kafka Fragments" Feb 22, 2010

by Jessica

Zach Carstensen from the Gathering Note, a local blog dedicated to classical and chamber music around Seattle, sat down with Mikhail Shmidt from Seattle Chamber Players to talk about Icebreaker V. Zach sums up the video interview as follows: "In addition to talking about Icebreaker V generally, Shmidt also talked about learning and playing 'Kafka Fragments.'" Read his preview and watch the videos here. "Kafka Fragments" is a work for violin and a soprano that uses Kafka's journals and letters as its source material. It's an ambitious piece that the Boston Globe   described as being  "dreamy, frenetic, and ultimately in the final fragment, sublime" written by "Hungary's greatest living composer." Also be sure to check out the NY Times article about the same piece.