The Future of O Oct 23, 2014

by Eric Pitsenbarger

Wow! I accompanied Wade to a dress rehersal for Amy O’s “Opposing Forces” and I’m so glad I did, though I'm rather envious of the lucky folks who will get to see the actual performances this week-end, as I expect they will be nothing short of miraculous. This is just crazy good shit. Elegant restraint is not what I’d expected but damn! If Amy and her amazing dancers haven’t performed some sort of miraculous translation with this incredible bridge project. Taking a popular street culture in revealing pin sharp story telling and seamless, nuanced staging beyond it’s sources and into it’s next incarnation. This is one of those shows where everything and everyone works overtime to perfect the message and I kinda want to say: that for me, they’ve so successfully stretched the medium in such a subtle yet powerful way that the form is lifted higher. Without sacrificing anything of It’s blunt street cred, with a deft smoothing here and there we get to see more fully represented people behind the moves, beyond the posing in a powerhouse of a show. It's absolutly true, emotion, serene poise and eloquence lurk undernieth all that bravdo. Yes please, let this be the future.