Force Dec 5, 2014

by Dylan Ward

I'd never fainted in a performance before, and last night, I did, classic southern lady style, with face fanning and a whispered "oh my." I won't tell you exactly where I fainted save for that it perhaps was at the climax, at the point where I felt an information transfer.

This may seem a tangent but bear with me: The funny thing about my brother, who is a musician, has sometimes been that he has become frustrated for not understanding his music, specifically when he was a teenager. He was (and is) a fantastic little electro punk who makes music straight from space, and he was insistent upon playing it in the car and elswhere, and we humoured him, but he became frustrated because we never "got it."

Partly it was because he was 15 and no one understood, but also partly it was because it was a lot of noise, a lot happening at once. 

My brother was going through tough shit at the time, far beyond that of normal teenage tough shit, and this noise came out of him with geyserous force; in film and music and music video, and he has never stopped making, by himself, on youtube and bandcamp etc. 

As he worked, and as he studied music, these noisy forms began to coalese, like a primordial mucous, into steady streams and beats and things with life completely their own. 

And now, when he makes a piece of music, I get it. 

And from this I feel like I learned to listen to other people as they try to tell their stories, and decode them, and try very hard to understand what they are saying.

And so when Aham comes forth with the most clear description of the thing he is making about (he even says what it is at the end of the show) I feel the magnitude of this idea, especially in its rock-candy purity.

Ideas are transfered through language, and when one slants it right, the force is tremendous enough to knock you over.