Follow up on last night's Q&A Dec 13, 2009

by Amelia

Hello and thank you to everyone who has been participating in this event!! It has been interesting.

There are a couple of things I would like to address: a response to a comment about the audience being qualified and my thoughts about viewing performance.

I do think that everyone is qualified to assess work and be responsible for their experience. To set a format where that request is made (that the audience gets to make choices qualitatively) illustrates that audiences have been made to feel disempowered.   We all have voices and we don't need permission to use them.   I think any person in the relationship (creator/audience) of an art experience is innately capable and empowered but different circumstances come into play to make us forget that or lose touch with that.

Related to that is something I would like to pose as something to ponder or use as a tool in the act of viewing work/making judgements.   What if all critics, reviewers, bloggers, audience members, opinion givers, and artists in the audience (this includes me!) first identify what their filters, lenses, expectations, and interests are? Second, make them transparent, then any information that follows about the work is contained or framed by that point of view.

I think this honors the voice of the audience as well as honors the work and the artist.   The "truth" is in the work.   We as creators, performers, and audience, each have our own perspectives of what that truth is, based on our own layers of experience and use of our senses, and each being valid.... there is no one arbiter except for the voice of the work itself, and that too often gets silenced.

Enjoy the last evening and thank you!!!!!!
Amelia Reeber