Five things to know about Michelle Ellsworth Mar 8, 2012

by Jessica

Its been 7 years since Michelle Ellsworth was last seen in Seattle at On the Boards. Get reacquainted with these 5 things to know:

Michelle Ellsworth is a solo performance artist who has made works across multiple mediums, including “performable websites.” In Phone Homer she has gone so far as to create an entire internet that is focused on the mythic character Clytemnestra. This includes everything from a Pandora radio with music/ads for this particular character to a YouTube full of lamentation dances. Look closely throughout the show and you’ll catch a glimpse of how her web is thoroughly geared towards Clytemnestra!

One of Michelle’s chosen mediums is the hamburger. For about 15 years she has been performing hamburger sacrifices and alterations. These sacrifices will appear occasioanlly in Phone Homer, but in the meantime you can peruse her Burger Foundation and watch this hamburger short:

The Clytemnestra character has been a reoccurring one for Michelle throughout the past decade. During her 2005 appearance at OtB, she performed a piece with a dress that could solve problems, which she has referred to as Clytemnestra’s outfit for after she has murdered her husband.

Michelle is a professor of dance at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is noted there for teaching classes that span not just dance, but also science, theater, music and film.

What version of The Iliad got Michelle inspired? The Robert Fitzgerald translation. She has frequently drawn on this text, remixing and mashing it up, in her Clytemnestra-centric works.