Epic Dreams Oct 22, 2010

by Amelia

          5:30 a.m.  Not long ago, I was immersed in some epic dreams.  There are too many images to recall.  In the first dream, Faith, we are in our long past.  Sorrow.  Low and slow we contract and move through our suffering, changing our place, but repeat these lessons until we surrender.  Again.  It is here, the ecstasy between the flesh and the spirit.  This dream feels rich, visceral, dark, warm, and wet.  Cut into the next set of images that are change.  There is buoyancy and lightness.   Red orbs hurl through space, let’s play this out.  roll, glide, fold over them with grace.  Flesh. We are entangled.  The Feminine makes relationship and wholeness.  Smooth over the surface.  Light is bathing the sensual form as it is resting, purified, and beautiful.  In stillness you can see the nakedness of truth.

    Sleep... This dream feels more recent in my, her past.  My life, her life passes before us.  flames, sparks, glows.  Ah, I remember what it feels like to play, to feel joy, to be shameless in the awkwardness and curiosity of experimenting this body.  My limbs, our limbs do weird things.  The further we move away from it, the larger the Shadow becomes.  Feet, are you on right? dance it.  Will these rituals define me or release me?  I dance this dance for me alone.  We take off our shoes, we don’t have to do or go.    Taste the sweetness of the heart.   Child.  I tend to myself like a mother to child because I know the future will come…to this body.  This time is for us to take pleasure in.  This dance is for us.  The further away we go, the larger it becomes.  She is nostalgic for the present.  She surrenders again.  

    The last dream, Tattoo, began in our farthest past.  The only ritual I have to attend to: walking here on this earth, here in this landscape, in the darkness, that splits time with the light that seems eternally distant.  planes of light, expanses of light.  free my limbs, ride and carry the forces.  throw them limbs.  shoes on. off. warbling.   Feet, are you on right?  Connection to this place, moment, ground, this body, now steady, unsteady.    I need my shoes to Travel.   Our sounds, our bodies, my feet.  Heaven and Earth.  Our feet confirm our existence.  Heaven looks up to take a gander at infinity.  Smiles begin the story.  We write with our mouths, faces, heads, not, our hands.  History, my thoughts are coming closer to the surface.  The Shadow gets exposed checking out its surroundings in this concrete band of light.   I have to go back far enough to reconcile my future.  Something has calmed.  I am that, of thousands of years past.  I am that I am now.  I remember and carry it with me.  Memory spans the whole of time. Simultaneously we are that and this.  Time has no memory. It shape-shifts and meanders...loops back and forth, going where it is needed.