A Crack in Everything-- Mesmerizing! Dec 2, 2011

by Liz

I was blown away last night at Zoe and Juniper's A Crack in Everything. Here is a bit of a ramble...

I could have lived all night in the magical and intricately designed world that Zoe, Juniper and collaborators created--through movement, music, stage design, costume and video. I typically have the experience of getting a little distracted and checking out at moments in performances, but I felt completely present and mesmerized by every moment. Every second felt necessary, urgent, harsh, delicate, perfect, precious, beautiful and ugly all at once. Each episode ended with a flash of light (of course with an amazing sense of design) that made me jump and realize where I really was again, but then get sucked back in to the next urgent moment in time.

On the drive home, my friend mentioned it was like watching time-lapse photography. At times I felt as if I was watching the series Planet Earth…the relentless push to survive…without the attachment to that survival. At other moments it stepped back to human nature…sometimes back in time to something from a Greek Tragedy and at others referencing the day to day we live in now.   The video and the medium the images were projected on both near and far and the reflections on the floor and on the screen gave me a sense that multiple realities were happening at once--many landscapes and universes.  I have never been to a performance where I felt like I was viewing different points in time and perspectives all at the same time in the same space--it was truly stunning.

Zoe's movement is alien and human all at once. Her use of space and time and the unfolding of each and every moment was urgent and relentless. The dancers execution of Zoe's quality and emotion was exceptional -- incredible group of artists.

The red lines throughout the space and within the dances were like a roots to life, death, expectation, struggle, pain …and at other times a root to the universe. I also loved the reveal of the unexpected being attached to the cord--quirky, bizarre, disturbing and humorous.

Overall, the work made me intensely aware of how many realities there are happening at once from the roots of trees into the earth, to the life of an insect, to human existence, to life in other galaxies. Life is complex and beautiful and this work was able to demonstrate this complexity and isolate moments in a way that was completely captivating. From a stunning opening to the end, I felt proud that this company is from Seattle and they have been able to fully realize such a beautiful and grandiose vision.