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Comments in my inbox! Mar 16, 2012

by Jessica

Here's what some other audience members had to say about last night's opening of Michelle Ellsworth's Phone Homer:

"A rollicking, messy, word-fun, burger-heavy Greek rant through the tribulations of Agamemnon's wife, Clytemnestra. Visually, verbally snowballing mind grabber." - Dave

"Really loved it! I wasn’t familiar with the artist, so wasn’t sure what to expect—but boy, did she come through! Really talented—and that Internet was wonderful! (As for The Iliad, I actually never read it, but that “Performance Prospectus” on your site was really helpful, plus I looked up Clytemnestra in Wikipedia, so had a little background. But I still couldn’t remember who was who all the time….)" - Carol

"Michelle creates a visual sensation! There is so much to see, so many jokes and references in her made up Internet, I wish I could see the show more than once to catch more of the hilarity!" - Elizabeth

"I loved it!  I loved the use of technology, the language of the script and most of all the social commentary.  Now, I need to go back and see it again to watch the other screen, read the other scroll, catch the other phrase that I couldn’t catch because I was laughing or paying attention to something else.  Excellent!" - Brooke