Comments in my inbox May 14, 2011

by Jessica

Here's a sampling of what's landed in my inbox after last night's performance of El Gallo!

Mix comedic opera and avant garde pantomime with a dash of surrealism and what do you get: 90 minutes of pure joy!
-Josef V

What a treat to have a brilliant international company in Seattle…a company that understands the human spirit, the power of relationships, the harmonies and lack of them. And right here in Seattle. No need to go to Mexico City for this troupe and without Lane, we would not have known of them anyhow. And without a local troupe of stringed instrument performers…over 8 of them, we would have missed the point.

We were WOW-eyed and impressed and amused by the subtle and not so subtle references to opera and theater, conversation, human interaction, roles, tensions, humor…and mostly humor. Get out and go to On the Boards tomorrow and Sunday. You might even see us there again.

This company is like chocolate; you cannot stop at one piece; I look forward to another performance and they are so fascinating that I might even go to Mexico to see them!!!!
-Marge and Larry L

Really enjoyed el gallo.  Have wanted to see tch for a while and so grateful otb brought them.  The after show discuss was so perfect cv kuri could not hve been better.  More mexican theater please.
--Jack B