Constanza Macras/Dorky Park: Back to the Present Oct 4, 2006

Stay tuned for comments from Alia Swersky's Cornish dance class students right here!


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Matthew Richter/xom: Dinner Theater Sep 20, 2006

Join us for the first blog of the new season for Matthew Richter/xom Dinner Theater. Leave a comment and give us your thoughts on the show or rate the existing reviews to register your opinion.

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Matthew Richter: On Dinner Theater by Jon Milazzo Sep 18, 2006

I'm not going to say that Matt Richter is a genius but, well, there you go, I said it.
Dinner theater. Boy does it bring to mind bad performances of 'Godspell' and anemic meals of fettuccine alfredo and iceberg lettuce. There is nothing in this evening that even faintly resembles dinner theater as we know it. Nothing.
Welcome to the new world.
You enter the darkened theater. You are asked to stand in front of the first row of seats. More people file in. They stand in front of you. There is a black curtain blocking the stage. You don't know if you should sit or not. Some people do.

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A Toast to Matthew Richter's "Dinner Theater" by Alex M. Dunne Sep 18, 2006

From the opening invitation sung by Sarah Rudinoff to the closing Secret Cream Puffs, this show is full of surprises. Diners play the Board of Directors of a fictional futuristic "Foundation" that commissioned Richter's elders to investigate the simple question "how do we save food?"
Seventy-three years later, it is Richter's role as Director of the Commission, and his assistant played by Jodi-Paul Wooster, to deliver the answer in 16 servings of invention, creation, history and culinary tomfoolery.

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Matthew Richter/Dinner Theater:  “sun piercing night ” by Yoko Ott Sep 17, 2006

Dinner Theater is another provocative and risky idea by Matthew Richter that promises to get people talking and thinking, and that’s why I love it. The intimacy of the evening and well-crafted presentation makes me feel like I just went through a rite of passage and now I am part of a secret club. I don’t want to comment too specifically on the food and accompanying narrative because that would spoil the fun. But I will say,  “yum! ”,  “pretty! ” and  “poprocks rule! ”.

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Our blog archive Sep 8, 2006

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Mountain Blog #2 Aug 18, 2006

Amelia's Mountain Song

dune se-ra-ru me-rahr-so ran
who ra serar ooooo eyour too wowh
who ooo srha-roon
who soranln tu_a sraruo oo oo oo_"Grapple"
Opening Mountain Song

juoi juoi juoi juoi bup
bup juoi bup juoi juoi bup
bup juoi juoi bup juoi bup

stage 3 vocabulary



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Mountain Blog #1 Aug 15, 2006

These are thoughts, questions, frameworks, revelations from our first week of residency with Deborah Hay in Bellingham. (Peggy Piacenza, Gaelen Hanson, Amelia Reeber)

What is choreography?

How can we further that question?


What if every cell in the body has the ability to perceive the uniqueness and originality of all that there is?

Noticing the feedback of the whole body at once as the teacher.

Surrender the pattern of facing a single direction.


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