NW New Works Artists Wanna Melt with You May 13, 2008

Sean Ryan, our intrepid Regional Programs Coordinator, got together with several of the artists in this year's NW New Works Festival to rock out to Prince and make this music video. Windows Media File [wmv] Edited by Morgan Dustako.

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Pictures from Weekend 1 of NW New Works Festival May 12, 2008

The amazing Tim Summers took some photos during the dress rehearsals for the first weekend of shows. Here's a sample of what he gave us:

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Press for NW New Works Festival May 12, 2008

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NW New Works Mainstage Show - Weekend 1 May 11, 2008

In this blog entry I review the first half of the mainstage presentation. Pants is one of the most enchanting pieces of the evening. Comprised of a series of minimalistic scenes, and a strong dosage of wry humor and simple play, the piece unfolds in a clean and deliberate fashion.In it, you will find real music, real dance, real video, real puppeteering, and real performance. There is a lot that passes in front of you during the course of the piece, yet there is never a sense of excess. Time and space seem ample and available.

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NW New Works | PodFest continues May 10, 2008

Here's the second video in our PodFest series. Adam Sekuler's stop-motion dance film with a super soundtrack by Spaghetti Western. [This video was only available for viewing during the festival.]

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NW New Works Studio show - 1st weekend May 10, 2008

It's opening night of the Northwest New Works Festival! The show was sold out, so buy your ticket in advance unless you want to sit on a cushion on the floor. Get there a little bit early... Nancy Guppy will feed you some cake. Buy a glass of wine, and find a seat. Start watching at the beginning. You will see Faith Helma, singing and sort of looping her voice through a microphone. There is some weird stuff on the stage including a rusty old barrel. Then enjoy Left Field Revival, with a great show about a journey to the core of the earth.

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NW New Works | PodFest May 9, 2008

We're super-excited to roll out the first video in our PodFest. Check out Melanie Kloetzel's excellent short Icarus Fried, shot on a chicken farm in Idaho. [This video was only available for viewing during the festival.]

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NW New Works | Audio Interviews May 8, 2008

Sean Ryan, Festival Coordinator, asks our Festival artists some important questions in these short audio interviews. Click on an artist's name to hear the interview [mp3]. Faith Helma Left Field Revival Maki Morinoue of Esse Aficionado The Half Brothers

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NW New Works Festival Jun 19, 2007

Welcome to our blog for the NW New Works Festival. For the festival we've asked participating artists and patrons give us their thoughts on what they see. Read the reviews below or click on the Comments button to read the comments of others and post your own thoughts.

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What We Imagine Happened Jun 19, 2007

To my dismay, neither me nor my fellow Implied Violencers were able to get in to the Studio shows on Saturday night. And as we are preparing to take of on a month long tour this coming Wednesday, we had rehearsal on Sunday and could not see the Studio shows then, either. We tried, we failed, and now we imagine...
Liminal Performance Group: my favorite part was when the lovers made it inside of that flaming heart. my eyebrows burned off. Smokin'.

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