NW New Works | Weekend 2 May 18, 2008

Be prepared for an overload of sounds and images—this is one of the main themes that runs through this evening of multimedia performances. This weekend’s mainstage artists throw us into the pit of our loud, distracting modern world, where there are a multiplicity of media, sounds and images vying for out attention. With the first piece, Remote::Control (Danny Herter and the Invasive Species) we are not let out of the pit until the very end.

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NW New Works: BLOG REPORT - May 17, 2008 May 18, 2008

Yesterday, I attended the Mainstage Showcase at The NW New Works Festival at On the Boards in Seattle, WA. Sean Ryan, Regional Programs Coordinator of On the Boards, received a warm greeting from the audience when he stepped out to announce the evening’s lineup. After thanking 4Culture, Windward Communications Group, and other supporters, Sean took time to name past alumnus of The NW New Works Festival, an impressive list, starting with modern dance bad boy Mark Morris performing at The Paramount.

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NW New Works | Final PodFest video May 17, 2008

This is the final video in our PodFest series. A very short film by Tania Kupczak, shot in the deep snows of Vermont. [This video was only available for viewing during the festival.]

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NW New Works: BLOG REPORT - May 16, 2008 May 17, 2008

Yesterday, I attended four half-hour performances at The NW New Works Festival at On the Boards in Seattle, WA. The interactive misadventures of GOAT and subgroup 33 (See Manual) was a movement-based improv piece performed by dancers John and Anna Dixon. It opened with Jeffrey Huston counting slowly to 20 over a murmuring soundtrack of electronic grumblings, rumblings, and squeaks. Each number had an associated movement: reminding me of early Merce Cunningham and John Cage experiments in disconnected but rule driven movement and sound.

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NW New Works | Studio, Week 2 May 17, 2008

After this evenings performance I was thinking about how refreshing it was to see performances in an intimate setting, such as the OTB studio provides. I felt close to the performances and engaged with what was being presented. Having seen quite a few performances in the studio space, and certainly not always having had this same response, I realized that my reaction had a lot to do with the performances themselves.

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NW New Works | PodFest #3 May 16, 2008

Here's the third video in our PodFest series. This is video is by Matt Hals. [This video was only available for viewing during the festival.]

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NW New Works blogged May 15, 2008

One of Annette Toutonghi's acting students posted this thoughtful response to the Mainstage show last weekend on her own blog, Acting Schmacting:
I went this last Saturday and saw part of the NW New Works Festival at On the Boards. There were four performances the night I went. The one I specifically went to see was Pants by Annette Toutonghi, who is one of my acting teachers, and some other people I don’t I can’t name, because I don’t have the program here with me.

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NW New Works | Week 1, Mainstage showcase May 15, 2008

Kicking off Week 1’s Mainstage Showcase was a quirky piece called Pants. It can best be described as a collection of vignettes, and while many were quite enjoyable, the overall presentation seemed a bit disjointed. That said, the opening piano solo (and other keyboard work) by Jose Gonzales was great, as was his dance duet with Peter Dylan O’Connor.

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NW New Works | Week 1, Studio showcase May 15, 2008

On the Boards’ 25th Anniversary NW New Works Festival got off to a great start with the opening weekend’s studio showcase. The show began with Faith Helma’s Undine, an intense and provocative solo performance inspired by Baron de la Motte Fouque’s 1811 text by the same name. With steampunk costuming by Harmony Arnold and set by Drew Foster as the backdrop, Helma embodies different aspects of Undine through spoken and sung text of her own creation.

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NW New Works | Press Review May 14, 2008

There's a write-up about the first weekend of the Festival in The Seattle Times:
The gems were hidden in the basement. Last weekend, nine venturesome new works from the Pacific Northwest were presented at On the Boards' 25th Anniversary NW New Works Festival. And while the mainstage offerings included striking moments, the more engaging work was in the smaller, bottom-floor Studio Theater. READ MORE

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