by Jessica

Christian Rizzo is a French artist who can sometimes seem a little elusive. We’ve put together a quick list of the top 6 things you need to know about this artist (plus a few bonus things about the performer Julie Guibert). Read on for a quick guide to Rizzo!

1. Christian’s work is highly visual and is often informed from his various career tracks outside of choreography, including fashion designer, rock musician and visual artist. Read this blog entry on decoding his latest title to see how a sculpture is directly referenced in b.c, janvier 1545, fontainebleau.
2. OtB was the site for Christian’s US debut in 2006. His inaugural appearance stateside coincided with a growing clamor in NYC for his work. He wouldn't perform in NYC until 2 years later in 2008.
3. He belongs in the non-danse genre that’s most prevalent in France. What’s non-danse? In a nutshell: dance in which highly physical movement is not the primary component or present at all. Often in this genre movement takes the back burner, becoming an element akin to set design, while other flourishes (visual, video, etc) are made more prominent.
4. He gets commissioned by the top companies around the world. Here’s a clip from one of his works with Opera de Lille:

5. In 2007 Christian worked with designer David Dubois to create an exhibition for the 20th anniversary of the fashion house of Christian Lacroix.
6. Christian has begun to work more in the field of opera. Here’s an image from Erwartung (a piece last staged in Seattle by Robert Lepage at Seattle Opera in 2008):
Christian Rizzo's Erwartung


Bonus: 3 things to know about Julie Guibert
1.Christian was inspired to work with her after setting a piece on the Ballet Opera Lyon. He was especially interested in working with what he calls her “incredible intelligence onstage.”
2. She’s a dance muse for some of modern dance’s top choreographers (eg William Forsythe and Russell Maliphant).
3. She choreographs as well, creating works for everyone from dance companies to pop stars. Check out the combination of rock musician concert moves with modern dance in this video for Benjamin Biolay:

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