From the Ballecudas Sep 24, 2009

by Jessica

Ballecudas Win Best Team Spirit In a globally released press release timed to not be on an NFL Football night, On the Boards Managing Director, Sarah Wilke, announced that PNB’s Ballecudas, manned by teammates Doug Fullington and  “Big ” John Tangeman, were awarded the Best Team Spirit as a result of their play in the first, likely annual, Badminton Royale  “Smack Down ” held last evening.   Noting the  “great outfits and amazing cheering squad ”, PNB easily walked away with the award.   The Ballecudas handily won their first bracket game, but were unexpectedly defeated in their second match.   Interviewed before the game,  “Big ” John predicted  “we will go deep ” in this tournament.   Although unavailable for comment following their match, it is expected that  “Big ” John and Doug will power the Ballecudas to the top in coming seasons.    “Just wait  ”˜til next year ” quipped Ellen Walker, Director of Marketing for PNB, who has already launched a buy one get one free campaign for Spam Sliders, the preferred nosh at the  “Smack Down ”. IMG_4536