back to back theater | small metal objects May 30, 2008

by Tania Kupczak

That place, those moments, this relation, these voices, when they capture something of the essence of being human and makes it immediate, there, staged, is the heart of the matter for me when it comes to theater. Here the stage is the Sculpture Park. We watch and listen a long time before we see any actors, yet the actors are certainly there. The noises of the city and the passers by in the park even the obnoxious jets roaring by overhead seemed to be somehow choreographed into the strangely affecting minimalist music and the funny, affirming, thoughtful dialogue. A great sendup of obnoxious yuppie busybodydom, a bittersweet heartwarming story of very real friendship, love. Back to Back Theatre -- what an unusual interesting group. Small Metal Objects, what a well crafted script, what a perfect set for it. A gem to end another extraordinary season of OTB. (If you're lucky enough to go, dress warmly, there's a chilly breeze off the sound that time of day.) - Ken Shear