The A.W.A.R.D. Show! Or - how I found myself thinking about the artists thinking about me thinking about them thinking about "the money" Dec 12, 2009

by Jessica

From Laura Curry:

A few initial impressions: it was wonderful to see condensed, diverse representations of the art form, and the diverse – at capacity – audience.

As "come to the show – I’m competing for 10k!" emails increased for 2 weeks, and then experiencing the evening; the suggestion of splitting the prize 12 equal ways was appealing. Have I lived in Seattle too long? Or is it compassion for the artists’ work? Or, is it "fuck it – let’s re-write these rules too." All things are not equal, and last night I considered the sanctity of art in the context of bald-faced moneyed competition. I wasn’t the only one. One audience member commented on an example of jazz players competing in a person’s home for a dinner. Close encounter – immediate pay out. I can kind of get that. My challenge last night was that this was not a dance-off where everyone is present together, like breaking or krumping. Even though the pieces were time limited, with limited tech (that’s not a bad thing), a formality still existed that says Art is happening here.

I listened to my community on and off stage talk about art, money, the commodity of art, the need for money, and the context of the evening. This was a highlight for me, and the conversation is still going. The big fat pink elephant danced on our financially depressed landscape in clear view last night. (Pretty darn smart Q&A strategy by the way.)