Audience Review | Predator Songstress Dec 8, 2015

by Pam Winter

The Predator Songstress was a performance of contrasts. The Songstress, a woman of a 1000 facial expressions, portrayed a depth of feeling and the life in her eyes told of a story of loss.  The intensity of the acting and beauty of the dance and music, evoked in me emotions of desperation.  Terror and hopelessness, playful joy and courage, reaching for hope only to have it pulled away and the feeling of being squashed all collided in my heart.  Contrasts of beauty and shadow, light and dark park places of the undying spirit of a young girl tortured by loss.   She fought to regain her power taken by Big Brother, a subversive government who wanted control and would do anything to feed its insatiable hunger for power.  The 'powers that be' harvested women's voices to keep them from revolutionizing the people. Stolen were the voices that held the wisdom of the people, spoken truth, ideas, hope, longing and freedom.  While these women didn't have voices to speak they could still communicate and rally to change their lives.  But Big Brother was always there to subvert any covert attempts at revolutionizing.

This performance really spoke to me because I spent a lifetime being afraid to use my voice, when I tried to speak I felt disregarded and unheard so I remained silent.  There was always someone with more power, more control who told me what I had to say didn't matter or tried to beat my voice out of me.  Looking back and after experiencing this performance I could see that my voice was stolen.  I felt like I was witnessing a metaphorical dramatization of my own life.

 During intermission I was interviewed about how I found my voice. Before Paul, the interviewer, began asking me questions we had about thirty seconds of silence. During the silence it occurred to me how much we're bombarded with the chaos of a noisy world and how little silence there is between people.  With our inability to be silent I think our voices often go unheard.  TVs, radios, overhead music, mindless chatter all contribute to a people intent on distraction, a cover for real connection.  Trying to be heard above a cacophony closed minds, ideologies and judgments make it difficult for our hearts to speak and hear to one another on a soul level.  

Voice is a powerful tool, it can used as a weapon to destroy or as a vehicle to spread peace and truth.  If we allow the people with power to placate us with a little hope we will remain in a game of competition, a game that only leads to separation.  In separation there's a barrier that prevents us from speaking from the depth of our souls and having our true voices heard.   Let's break down the walls and let truth speak.  Only then can our voices be heard.