Attention dancers: meet, greet and have a beer with Andrea Snyder on Monday! Oct 1, 2009

by Jessica

The excellent and articulate Andrea Snyder, Executive Director of Dance USA will be in Seattle next week.

We're hosting a discussion with her about the state of the national dance community, survival tactics, current issues on your mind, and what Dance/USA is working on that has value for the Seattle Dance Community.
She will talk about:
- The current inter/national dance climate
- Emerging dance leaders (as per a Dance USA survey)
- International export of US dance
- Home season support
- Touring data compiled by Dance USA

It is great to have someone coming in who can offer Seattle dancers a national perspective. The intention is to let the conversation flow into a dialogue that let's us draw connections about how her information relates to our home town community.

Mon | Oct 5 | 5-7pm @ On the Boards