Tasty Rubs (still) Dec 2, 2011

Rubbing thumb, index, middle and ring finger together, I go through the many identities of the moving visions and moments of stillness before me. I can (still) taste the sound- ready for me to climb into it and gather more. I can (still) feel the pressure between the tips of the moving bodies- theirs and mine. I sense the struggle at first, then release into the quick rewards, brought forth beautifully, (especially anytime Scofield matched/mismatched Kelly on the reflective flooring of the OtB stage). It seemed spelled out through the outcome. I am ready (for more).

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A Crack in Everything | A Moment on Stage at OTB Dec 2, 2011

The union of compelling dance and stunning visual imagery is part of what makes zoe|uniper stand out from the crowd in the 'post post modern dance' world. A Crack in Everything, zoe|junier's third full length performance piece, premiered at On the Boards last night to a packed house.

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A Crack in Everything-- Mesmerizing! Dec 2, 2011

I was blown away last night at Zoe and Juniper's A Crack in Everything. Here is a bit of a ramble...

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5 Things to know about zoe | juniper Dec 1, 2011

If you're coming to see zoe | juniper's A Crack in Everything this weekend, here are a few things to note about the company and the performance!


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