A friend indeed Jun 26, 2007

Jess and Jim
In the midst of wrapping up another season here at OtB and preparing for our annual fundraiser dinner, our amazing intern/ house manager/ development assistant Jess found she could rely on Jim to help her through the mountains of work to be done.


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Welcome to our 06/07 Season Archive Jun 20, 2007

Hello! You've probably arrived here by way of the Omnibus, and hopefully you've had some time to explore the shows of the 06/07 Season, watch some videos and read about our various projects. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. We'd love to know what you think!

Scroll down to read the blog posts associated with this season's performances.

If you're reading this and you haven't had a moment to check out the Omnibus, you can find it here.


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NW New Works Festival Jun 19, 2007

Welcome to our blog for the NW New Works Festival. For the festival we've asked participating artists and patrons give us their thoughts on what they see. Read the reviews below or click on the Comments button to read the comments of others and post your own thoughts.

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What We Imagine Happened Jun 19, 2007

To my dismay, neither me nor my fellow Implied Violencers were able to get in to the Studio shows on Saturday night. And as we are preparing to take of on a month long tour this coming Wednesday, we had rehearsal on Sunday and could not see the Studio shows then, either. We tried, we failed, and now we imagine...
Liminal Performance Group: my favorite part was when the lovers made it inside of that flaming heart. my eyebrows burned off. Smokin'.

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A Dissent Jun 18, 2007

Jen Graves writes on the Stranger SLOG:

"I can’t decide who was more of a letdown: SuttonBeresCuller, or the audience that laughed at and cheered their shallow, dull, adolescent, clichéd, dim-witted, feeble new work at the Northwest New Works Festival last night." Read More

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haikus for weekend two Jun 18, 2007

liminal performance group
so poetical
this thing that we call love
it's pretty, i guess

paige barnes and the grizzlies
it's stunning to watch
the body animated
i want a beard now

this american
stands up for karaoke
anytime, for real

david schmader
great storytelling
is like a kite in midair
that floats back to earth

nightmare of my dreams
like tiny forest creatures
rattling in my head

kerry parker
she's got legs / she knows
how to use them - simple
but strong elegance

an old man's dreamlife
can be a little bit slow (lol

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blog the boards, weekend 2! Jun 18, 2007

Weekend 2 has been an extravaganza of words, dance and delight. I've been experiencing my own kind of performance art every night, right before 'Main Event' by pressing my ear up against the wall to listen to Hand 2 Mouth's 'Repeat After Me' and occasionally peeking through the tiny square window in the backstage door to see snippets of their show, from a backwards and unappealing angle. I hope I am not ruining the show for myself when I can see it from the front.

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NWNW = eclecticism itself. Jun 17, 2007

David Schmader's Litter is the most straightforward piece of the evening, though it is only the beginning of a longer piece. This autobiographical monologue starts with allusions to some horrible humiliation, takes a moment to analyze Allison Janney's ability to fall, then settles into a storytelling groove as David describes his early adolescence in El Paso, where he suppressed everything about himself that could reveal that he's gay, until he reaches a truly sad state.

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a stream of reflections on the 2007 nw new works festival... Jun 16, 2007

mainstage weekend 1

erin jorgensen's cool, haunting, luminous almost apocalyptic lullaby takes the edges off and strikes a pure note in a personal yet shared landscape of memory...

maika misumi movement troupe's vivid, poetic formalism invokes ancient ritual through the bodies of beautiful, painted dancers accompanied by bold, thundering percussion...

deborah wolf's arc angle. ah. seriously hot dancing. a virtuosic kinetic volcano.

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Studio Showcase - The Portland Invasion Jun 16, 2007

Two very different groups made the trip up from the Rose city for the second weekend of the festival. Liminal Performance Group presented a shortened version of The Theory of Love, a multi-media lecture opera which premiered in Portland last month. Two performers standing at lecterns speak and sometimes sing a text which draws on classic and romantic poetry. Two other mysterious performers illustrate mathematical equations of love on a giant notepad, while adding vocalizations.

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