anxiety, videos Feb 17, 2014

by Andrew Smith

According to the baritone soloist Jared Michael Brown on Luís Tinoco’s Spam! (the first piece on the evening’s program), clips of the videos accompanying the monodrama (oratorio?) were “a live feed from YouTube.” In a similar spirit, may I present an Index of Thoughts During Icebreaker VII, Concert 1, along with a relevant link to the Internet.

air-traffic controller: 1 
anxiety: i, 2 
Beatles, The: 3 
border: 1 
east: 1 
Gerard Grisey: 2 
god bless you: 1 
health: 1 
Hendrix: 2 
Metal Machine Music: 2 
no sign: 1 
please: 1 
Stockhausen: 2 
trashmen: 1 
videos: i, 1, 2

i. Before the concert 
1. During Tinoco’s Spam! 
2. During Romitelli’s An Index of Metals 
3. While writing this blog post