AMBASSADOR PROJECT: The 1000 Words Project Mar 6, 2014

by Brett Love

A project by Jaycee Coleman, Ilaria Ghattas and Brett Love


Over the years, audience members have contributed thousands, and thousands, of words to the OtB Blog with their reviews. It’s been a wonderful thing. With each one you get a little peak at the performance from a different perspective. It is with that idea of differing perspectives in mind that we are announcing the 1000 Words Project. 

For the next three shows (Miguel Gutierrez And The Powerful People, Zoe | Juniper, and Holcombe Waller) we will be bringing in visual artists to interpret what they see. They will watch the Thursday performance and then be given a canvas on their way out the door.  They will have 48 hours to create their visual response to the work. The resulting paintings will be on display in the lobby after the Saturday and Sunday night shows. 

At the end of the project we will have a set of paintings that represents our time as ambassadors at On The Boards. But not for long. Each of the paintings will be auctioned off after their respective shows finish their runs.

SHOW: Miguel Gutierrez And The Powerful People
See her response here.

SHOW: zoe | juniper
See her response here.

SHOW: Holcombe Waller
See her reponse here.

Kaillee Coleman is a visual and theatre artist, based out of Seattle, WA. She will be set designing for Macha Monkey’s upcoming production Lollyville as well as acting in The Horse In Motion’s inaugural production Attempts on Her Life. Most recently she worked with Washington Ensemble Theatre as lead scenic artist for the productions of Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo and Ed, Downloaded, as well as The Collision Project, for their inaugural production, Marisol, and as art director/producer for an upcoming music video (‘Altered Beasts), by Seattle band Kithkin.  Last year, Kaillee set designed for Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes, as well as designing set, costumes, and props for The Platform Playwrights’ Festival. In addition to her theatrical work, Kaillee works as a production and marketing assistant for light-sculpture installation duo LILIENTHAL | ZAMORA, whose work was seen last year at the Frye Art Museum, Intiman Theatre, Seattle Center, and Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. She participated in this years’ newly minted Visual Art component at 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, and her mural work can be seen in the recently released music video for ‘Everybody Knows’ by Seattle band Iska Dhaaf.

As an Army brat born in Germany, and raised in the ‘States Dani Dodge can finally call Washington herhome. Planting here in Seattle has been electric for inspirations and motivations regarding herart. Dani's work is colorful, unlike the sky out here sometimes, but the whimsical tones of each piece are plenty to keep me entertained. For her tables, most of them are second-hand, repaired, painted, and then integrated into various homes. I think art that can be an interactive everyday object can be gratifying, not only to look at, but to use. Visual art isn’t my only shtick. I narrate audio books and am also active in the fringe theatre scene here in Seattle. I find criss-crossing my creative streams has only made each one stronger. Though the art and theatre communities can seem far away from each other at times, we are all doing the same thing—telling stories.

Willow Heath is a self-taught visual artist who has been exhibiting her paintings and instructing art courses throughout the Seattle area for over a decade. Willow's visual art is composed of vivid portraiture displaying Willow's keen eye for detail and love of saturated color. Willow's painting process involves personally mixing each of the colors for her paintings using the three basic primary colors, and white.  Willow is currently working on illustrating and writing her childhood tales along with teaching illustration and painting courses in various Seattle schools.  Willow Heath is a teaching artist who loves teaching art as much as she loves creating art, and views her teaching as an essential learning tool in her artistic process.  As a visual artist I craft my paintings from my personal inspirations, and as a teacher I guide my students through the building blocks to create their own inspirations. "I feel that it is very important to enjoy  the process of art as much as the outcome. With this in mind I design  a curriculum that reflect both the inspirational and academic qualities within the creative process.