Again Nov 23, 2014

by Dylan Ward

So, in order to fully have the most high academic perspective on Tere O Connor and his many ideas I decided to attend the formative pieces of the work I saw previously this week in order to have smart thoughts about them.

But I didn't.

I can always provide smart writings and eloquations and new words towards the things I enjoy or am passionate about; this is how I somehow got a degree from a higher institution in THE COMPARATIVE HISTORY OF IDEAS, also known as a degree in ALL THE THINGS AND ALSO NOTHING AND THAT MEANS SOMETHING.

I became interested in dance in college for that heady reason, because the human body subjectivity intergenerational philisophical physical ideas constructs histronic management in the internal schema of operating multiplicities. 

I keep dancing and watching and making dance because it makes me feel like a 5 year old.  Delighted. I get really tired of big words, useful as they are for what words are for.

And shy. I have that feeling of: I want to grow up like them. I complimented one of the dancers after the show (Oisin?) and felt very adult and like a very good patron of the arts and then when I was observed, plainly, like a child as I had in the audience; shy, because secretly the choreography, the dance had secretly bewitched me (or allowed me to bewitch myself; depending), and so I was stuck there feeling at a loss for words because all I wanted to say were creepy and unsociable things like: "Your dancing makes me think of canyons and now I want to go make dances about canyons and celebrate my own body so thank you for celebrating yours..."

Because these weren't dances about canyons or celebrations of the body; these were "just" dances (maybe they have lots of other stuff about them too but this is the general read I'm getting.)

All this was put upon by...something. Human instinct? The human ability to dream?  Art perhaps plays upon the mind a bit like drugs, perhaps. 

I don't wish to make dance sound frivolous and childish; all these gushing words make me embarrassed; I simply feel frivolous and childish in the presence of really amazing things, because maybe I'm just sensitive.  I just feel that happy-urgent feeling of "I want to see that again!" 

Even in the presence of terrifying things or uncomfortable movements....or boredom even...

But this wasn't boring. 

Stumbling across Tere (and it always feels like I am stumbling across artists because I am a neanderthal and have much to learn) is reinvigorating because its so fucking honest. 

Emblazoned across a dramatic picture of two dancers supporting each other in OTB's marketing is a quote from Tere : "Dance doesn't do a lot of the things that people think they'd like it to do." 

S'deep man.

Dance does a lot of things other than these, however, and oh gosh, how fucking exciting that is to think about.