A Poem for On Loving the Muse and Family Mar 2, 2018

by Daemond Arrindell

Evan Flory-Barnes (photo by Ripple Fang)

A response to On Loving the Muse and Family by Evan Flory-Barnes (Mar 1-4, 2018) (Photo: Ripple Fang)


Evan be clean cut tux
sharp fade and a soulful strut onstage
Evan be a head nod and soft spoken welcome
Evan be leading us to leaning in
be gracious and grateful
"May the truth of love be your chorus"

Evan be Nat King Cole
voice as smooth and sweet as a smoking jacket
wrapped around a glass of cognac on the rocks
smooth like Billy Dee talking about Colt 45
minus the bravado and regret

Evan be reaching for higher self
giving it low tones 
like it wanna talk right down to earth
cuz we don't have to bump genitals

Evan be honored to fill the world with beauty
with a doo wop and a gangsta lean
and his own Black pips — The Traumatics

Evan be a friend to the soul 
be singing to the parts of your soul too damaged to receive love
be learning how to love himself through you

Evan got a crush on you
but dont gotta bump genitals with you
just wants you in community
or something like that

Evan be the Ambassador of Mushbu
Evan be a cuteness overload
be giving the world a hug
be wanting us to hear each other's hearts

Evan be in touch with his dark side
be strutting with a cockney acccent
and looking down his nose
Evan be askin who tha fuck is you?

Evan ain't got time for your bullsht
your distorting or projecting, your gaslightin
You can't tell Evan how to love, how to live

Evan be turning around and finding the magic
Evan be music to honor
Evan be learning through example
Evan be little not big
be lookin at a sensitive man surviving the war

Evan be an unconditional love song
Evan be tender and melancholy with a hint of hope
Evan be soul knowing 
Evan be cinematic tears
Evan be your personal chef and clown

Evan be wondering how sweetness goes wrong
Evan be rise and shine
Evan be my boy, you're doing fine

Evan be worth your time
be worth your time
be worth 



Daemond Arrindell is a poet, playwright,  performer, and teaching artist who is moved most by art that challenges the status quo.


On the Boards Ambassadors are cultural and civic leaders who bring new voices and perspectives and share our programs with new communities. 

The Ambassador Writers Corps is a team of experienced writers and artists who develop responsive and critical content around On the Boards performances or write about specific issues in our creative and civic community.