6 years of waiting Oct 21, 2009

by Jessica

We've made reference before to the fact that we've had our eye on Diana Szeinblum for 6 years. The first time she came to our attention was at a 2003 festival in Austin, TX. OtB artistic director Lane Czaplinski was at the Fresh Terrain festival ("an intensive crash course in emerging experimental theater" curated by international arts man Mark Russell) and saw her performance Secreto Y Malibu. As soon as he exited the theater, he called the managing director and asked if we could add Diana to the schedule. Not the schedule for the upcoming season - he wanted to have her perform the next week.

This couldn't be arranged (OtB's schedule, once the season gets rolling, is pretty packed) and so began our process of chasing after Diana.

In 2008 Diana began touring with Alaska. We had already confirmed many shows for the 08/09 season, including a couple that were in  the only window in which Diana and her company could come to Seattle, and wouldn't be able to bring her during that time range. When she agreed to bring her show outside of a tour, we jumped at the chance.

So, after 6 of waiting, we're pretty thrilled to finally have her. 0194 Alaska 1-30-2008 Brian Costellosmaller [ALASKA photo: Brian Costello, courtesy of PICA.]