5 things to know about Temporary Distortion Nov 9, 2011

by Jessica

Temporary Distortion has never performed on the west coast, despite gaining considerable traction in their home, NYC, and abroad. Begin to get acquainted with these artists with these 5 things to note:

Temporary Distortion was one of the first artists to be filmed for We flew to NYC to film the performance, Americana Kamikaze, almost 2 years ago. In addition to being one of the original 9 films on the site, they have the distinction of being the only artists so far who after watching the footage decided to rewrite a scene of the show. Read more about the story in the New York Times.

Newyorkland is the final part in a trilogy by Temporary Distortion exploring the translation of film genres to the stage. They do this by both taking on the storylines and imagery from different genres. The first, Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) tackled the American road movie and is currently being transformed into a feature length film. The second, Americana Kamikaze, takes a look at Japanese Horror. This final work hits the closest home for the creators behind Temporary Distortion: the NYPD.

On that note, Newyorkland is one of Temporary Distortion’s most personal creations. Kenneth Collins, the stage director/designer, grew up in a family of police offers and was constantly surrounded by that life. Listen to or read the interview to hear more about his experiences growing up.

One of the influences that the company frequently references is the visual artist Joseph Cornell. This artist created scenes in small boxes comprised of everyday materials. The company uses this inspiration in the way they craft their box-like sets in which everything is an object (including the performers!) that helps construct a larger image and story.

Temporary Distortion is led by both Kenneth Collins, the stage director/designer, and William Cusick, the video director/designer. This dual leadership helps create two unique and complimentary compositions where the film carries equal weight to the live performance. See how that plays out at the US premiere of Newyorkland!

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