5 things to know about Angélica Liddell Sep 28, 2011

by Jessica

Angélica Liddell is making her North American debut at OtB next week. In addition to being the first time her work will appear on this continent, it’s also the first time this performance will be translated into English. This interview with Ruth Wikler-Lukler of Boom Arts is also one of the only interviews in English (for now!). Before she arrives, here are a few things to know to help you get acquainted with this artist:

1. Angélica creates many of her works under the company name Atra Bilis. This comes from a Latin expression used in ancient medicine to describe the black mood, considered the cause of melancholy. Under these auspices she has written, performed and directed more than 20 original works.

2. One of Angélica’s performance trademarks involves endurance. This is most frequently expressed through states of intense physicality by way of a multitude of devices. In the interview for OtB, Angelica stated that: “ the end, it is trying to transform pain into something beautiful. And I use every means possible.” In Te haré invincible con mi derrota this includes the use of beer and razorblades.

3. In Spain, Angélica has gained significant recognition for her writing since beginning to work in 1993. She’s won awards for everything from individual shows to her entire career. In addition to this she is also a noted performer, embodying intense personas and physicality onstage from characters of her own creation to weighty figures such as Richard III.

4. Te hare invincible con mi derrota is a performance that invokes the spirit of famed cellist Jacqueline du Pré. After achieving fame as a preternaturally gifted musician, Jacqueline passed away at the young age of 42. In OtB’s interview, Angélica offers that she identified her own spiritual demise at the same age with that of Jacqueline’s and chose her as a focus for this reason. You can read more about the life of Jacqueline in the controversial book A Genius in the Family or watch the film Hilary and Jackie (available on Netflix instant watch!). Here's a clip from one of Jacqueline's most famous concerts:

5. What does the title translate as? I will make you invincible with my defeat.