2014 Festival Artists: Coleman Pester // Tectonic Marrow Society Jun 10, 2014

by Erin

Some things to know about Coleman Pester // Tectonic Marrow Society:

  • Pester earned his BFA from the LINES Ballet/Dominican University Program in San Fransisco and later was assistant to choreographer Anouk van Dijk, Artistic Director of Australia's Chunky Move
  • Tectonic Marrow Society, a collabroative umbrella company founded by Pester in 2012, has so far presented work in Seattle, Australia, New York, Israel, and San Francisco
  • Three perspectives in one space prominently features the sculptural work of artist/architect Cameron Irwin, who is the resident set designer at the Washington Ensemble Theatre
  • Pester dances in this piece alongside Seattle scene stalwarts Shannon Stewart and Victoria Jacobs

Check out Pester's interview/wine tasting with OtB Ambassador Jameson Fink.