12 Minutes Magic Feb 15, 2007

by EricF

Here's the link to Brendan Kiley's Stranger Suggests posting: It's for Monday--remember the show's on Sunday too. So, the show.  It's got  lots of dance, people new to OtB and familiar faces.  It's got a poet from Portland, Tom Blood, playing with  members of the Watery Graves.  (We saw Tom Blood on a bill Matthew Stadler put together at Elliott Bay Books. He read one poem  repeatedly invoking the phrase  "Let's work shit out" and another dedicated to Beyonce. In between poems, he picked fake fights with DJ Mini Monark, who provided his soundtrack that night, and taught us about his band and their gang sign, which was a one-handed horse shadowpuppet. It was good.) Brendan singles out the Vis a Vis Society in his Suggests posting; they'll be the first thing you see in the lobby. Helsinki Syndrome,  kicking off the stage show,  includes Mike Pham, who was in the HKPG show last season. We have no idea what  they're doing--their audition tape was basically clowning around. But I think we're going to like it. And the ringer I mentioned in my last post is locust--not because they're awesome, though they are, but because they're neither showcasing themselves (we know  who they are) nor trying out new material. Their piece is a deleted scene from "mockumentary," their last OtB mainstage show. It's a BMX bike duet, and it had to be cut because BMX tires and pedals are really bad for (borrowed) marley floors. "mockumentary" was still fantastic without the duet, but seeing Amy O'Neal and Jessie Smith ride their bikes onstage and then carefully set them down in order to dance reminded me of the famous Chekhov quote--he appears to have repeated versions of it to several people, but the most succinct version is "One must not put a loaded rifle on the stage if no one is thinking of firing it." So we're thinking of the locust piece  as  the delayed  firing of the loaded rifle. -Eric Fredericksen