18/19 Artist-in-Residence: Timothy White Eagle

Timothy White Eagle

Photo: Naomi Ishisaka

Timothy White Eagle is an 18/19 Season Artists-in-Residence. Learn more about this program


I hope to energize the idea of art as sacred practice. To consider the earliest roots of art which arose out of the search for expression of the divine and the sacred, but to remove that pursuit from the traditional confines of organized religion. To break down institutional spiritual authority. 

In Indigenous circles, I practice a form of intuitive healing work, which rises in the moment, often an improvisation. I have tools and techniques to fall back on; more often what comes is a new creation based in what is available. Increasingly my art practice and my spiritual practice are bound together. My art practice starts with an intuitive impulse. Along the way I ask, what do I need from this place I have found myself? Can I find a way to integrate Spirit into the craft of creating the possible solution to my need? How can I serve community and support healing? How can I imbue this solution with beauty? What is this solution’s connection to traditions: ancestral, artistic, and my personal creative tradition? After all the thinking, I go back to the cliff, and dive.

— Timothy White Eagle


Timothy White Eagle was born in Tucson, AZ. His mother was White Mountain Apache. He was given up for adoption at birth and raised by a working class white family in Washington state. He graduated from University of Utah with a BFA in Theater.

White Eagle has worked extensively in the past two and half decades exploring Native American, Pagan, and other earth-based Spiritual practices. In 1995, he began an ongoing mentor/protege relationship with Shoshone Elder Clyde Hall. In 2006 White Eagle began collaborating with photographer Adrain Chesser. Their work together has been displayed and published nationally and internationally. In 2014, he and Adrain released their book, The Return. He dances at a unique crossroad between art and ritual.

In 2015, he was the indigenous advisor for Taylor Mac during the creation of A 24-Decade History. In 2016, White Eagle was one of the Dandy Minions in the 24-hour marathon performance of A 24-Decade History performed in New York City and has been on tour nationally and internationally with Taylor Mac as the Artistic Director for the Dandy Minions.



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