18/19 Artist-in-Residence: Markeith WIley

Markeith Wiley

Photo: Naomi Ishisaka

Markeith WIley is an 18/19 Season Artist-in-Residence. Learn more about this program

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THE COVER UP (working title)
One part autobiography
One part mask work
Two parts dance party!!!
The Cover Up is a way for me to explore the many masks that I/we wear on a daily basis. Some masks are too familiar & others go unrecognized by the wearer. 
I’m also interested in disruptions in places of comfort. If the audience exist as objects in space, what keeps them from changing physically? 
If you are at a dance party, at what point can or does it become something else? 
At what point does the audience stop being a spectator & become an important part of the happenings in front of them? 
They are the evidence of the actions that take place in “live performance"—so are they not a part of the performance itself?

— Markeith Wiley


California native Markeith Wiley is a multi-dimensional art maker, who creates out of necessity. His vast movement vocabulary spans a lifetime of influences. As of late this anti-social extrovert dabbles in dance, sound, theater, a combo of all three or none of the above. Wiley has been an arts educator in Seattle for a while now. When they are not in the studio you can find Markeith at Rainier Dance Center in Rainier Beach or on Capitol Hill as a managing artist director at Studio Current or choreographing with both Seattle Children’s Theatre & 5th Avenue Theatre.

Markeith holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts and has performed or collaborated with too many national/international artist to name. In the evenings Wiley hosts a DJ event at Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar with fellow music enthusiast Alice Gosti and has started a monthly performance party at Studio Current called SC Sessions. Wiley was a member of the 2014 City Arts Future List & also graced the cover of the magazine in 2016.



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