Ambassador Team 4

Ambassador Team 4! Jaycee Coleman, Ilaria Ghattas and Brett Love. Get to know these three as they dig into OtB's performance world. Find them in the lobby at shows and attend their events throughout the next two months.

Read more about their plans and projects throughout March and April:

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By birth, his name is Jaycee [no middle name] Coleman. A native son of Seattle’s pre-gentrified Central District, Jaycee is also a student of life, hip-hop producer, teaching artist, entrepreneur, recovering sneaker addict, husband, and father of three.  In 2005, he opened up a street wear boutique & local hip-hop hub (Laced Up) on Capitol Hill’s Pike/Pine corridor and after three years transitioned the space into a multi-use “experiment in sustainability” called pun(c)tuation which hosted events, a rotating art gallery, and featured a curated vintage shop. Jaycee currently works for local non-profit and Seattle Parks & Recreation partner, Rec-Tech, teaching kids a wide variety of skills including (but not limited to) hip-hop & video production, graphic design, and Lego robotics.  At Rec-Tech he developed an 8-week program, Sampling History, which explores the history of hip-hop, the fine technique of sample based production, and contextualizes the genre’s birth. Outside of Rec-Tech, Jaycee currently works on the back end of a lifestyle blog, Trnsprt Digital, and produces records for Porter Ray, Alana Belle, & Deluxe Gentlemen.

"I am a self-taught problem solver who was raised to embrace the concept of egalitarianism and the cultivation of community."  

Do you like glitter?
No…it’s a dead give-away that you’ve been to the strip club.

How do you prefer to travel?
By silver Delorian.

What album should everyone listen to before they die?
Marvin Gaye’s Trouble Man.

Who are your favorite writers?
Toni Morrison. Ralph Ellison.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Sitting on a beach, my mind absent financial worry, surrounded by my closet friends and family with a cocktail in my hand.

Ilaria Ghattas is an Egyptian native of Seattle. She is inspired by her ancient descent, tea and the creative world and all that encompasses. Her recent ventures include various personal and professional projects such as Seattle Theatre Group’s Ward of State (Nights at the Neptune initiative), Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partners Conference and as VP of Creative Projects at LUCID Lounge, oversees the production of special projects and events. Ilaria’s obsession with tea inspired a monthly tea event at LUCID Lounge called tea&, which showcases the versatility of tea by creatively crafting infused cocktails and delicious tea infused bites. Ilaria’s work and cultural experiences have fueled her passion for initiating opportunities that allow dialogue to take place in unique and creative ways and she thrives on establishing relationships and helping others create community connections. Building bridges and facilitating dialogue have been important to Ilaria since youth and she strives to implement these values within everything she does. 

I bring myself, with my experiences and a new set of eyes and consciousness; my background, including my Egyptian heritage, being a woman of color and a well-rounded citizen of the world and my people, those who have aided in who I’ve become today, my weak and strong ties, and those who want to see me and others succeed.

Do you like glitter?
Bleh, glitter.   

How do you prefer to travel?
Teleporting; until then I prefer the shortest or most scenic route. 

What album should everyone listen to before they die?
Yann Tiersan's Amelie From Montmartre and Nas and Damien Marley's Distant Relatives

Who are your favorite writers?
Daniel Quinn, Paulo Coelho, Herman Hesse, Khalil Gibran 

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Finding balance in everyday life.

By day Brett Love is a mild-mannered IT worker on the east side, but by night he is a very avid patron of the arts, averaging four and a half arts-related events every week over the past four years. His skills come from the wealth of knowledge and relationships his arts journey has brought him. Brett is excited by the idea of connecting, and being a connector – that he can help to facilitate people from different disciplines coming together to create something. The most interesting things happen in the intersections and Brett hopes to help foster the conversations that lead to more of these experiments. Brett’s crazy arts schedule over the past several years continues to pay dividends in this respect, and it only increases in value as more and more experiences are added. In addition to being an avid arts patron, Brett’s years spent writing as a television critic for AOL and CliqueClack have given him the ability to view things in different ways. He can appreciate, and obsess, when something puts itself right in his own personal wheelhouse, but also understand how that thing relates to the broader audience, and be critical of the various parts. In Brett’s mind, it’s about being able to look at something with as little of your own personal bias as possible.


In short, I'll go see anything. I try very hard to not pre-judge something before I see it. Being open to the idea of seeing anything offers the possibility of discovering new and wonderful things you didn't know existed. This philosophy has given me a collection of experiences that ranges from the most bizarre performance art to the most traditional theatre you can imagine. And everything in between. 

Do you like glitter?

How do you prefer to travel?

What album should everyone listen to before they die?
Electric Honey

Who are your favorite writers?
Neal Stephenson, Lauren Henderson

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Perfect calm with no distractions

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