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Love On the Boards and have the financial means to show it? Consider becoming an OtBFF or A-List subscriber! Get a full season subscription, support On the Boards so we can continue to be artistically fearless, and gain deeper access to our community of art-makers and art-lovers. 

OtBFF - $600 

Good for: being our BFF 😉 

OtBFF’s are our best friends and fans and their subscriptions include:  

  • Discounts on special events (including partner events with Seattle Theater Group) 
  • Early reservation access for Studio Suppers, our special opening night celebrations 
  • A FUBAR punch card good for 6 complimentary drinks or snacks 
  • $200 tax-deductible donation 

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A-List Subscription - $1,000

Good for: OtB’s diehard supporters  

$1,000 for the first subscription (includes $500 tax-deductible portion) $800 for second subscription (and includes a $300 tax-deductible portion)  

A-List subscriptions include:  

  • Free drinks and snacks from the FUBAR for all season shows
  • Complimentary tickets to additional special events, off-site performances, and parties  
  • Early reservation access for Studio Suppers, our special opening night celebrations  
  • $500 tax-deductible donation 
  • Option to purchase a 2nd A-List Subscription for only $800 (with $300 being a tax-deductible donation) 

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