Join the creative team of ACTING STRANGER for an online screening of a selection of short videos captured in Seattle in September, along with a conversation about the work and process. Presented by Los Angeles Performance Practice, this conversation will include Andrew Schneider, Raelle Myrick Hodges, Bobby McElver, and Seattle-based artists Minna Lee and Fox Whitney.

Part One: A Phone Call By 600 HIGHWAYMEN

On a simple phone call, you and another audience member – nameless strangers to one another – follow a carefully crafted set of directives. Over the course of the journey, a portrait of each other emerges through fleeting moments of exposure and the simple sound of an unseen voice.

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Jan 13, 2021

A NOTE FROM ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, RACHEL COOK600 Highwaymen have been on my mind as a curator for a number of years now. At the time we began speaking they were working on The Fever (2017), a performance that is built around the dependence of audience...

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The small and inventive org took artistic risks few others in the region attempted.