Salvage Rituals (work-in-progress showing) is interested in the potential of communal ritual intersecting with DIY engineering as an embodied practice of mutualism/mutual aid. (Feb 1, 7pm)

Timothy White-Eagle: The Violet Symphony

Timothy White Eagle’s creative process stems from Indigenous circles as a form of intuitive healing work through transformational rituals. The Violet Symphony stems from an impulse to create a story about a personal connection to addiction and addicts. 
(Mar 19-22) ​​​​​​​

Markeith Wiley: W(UT)

Set inside a dance party for resistance and resilience, Markeith Wiley’s lyrical happening will demand that we all be present with one another and let go of traditional performance viewership. (Apr 9-12)

Jan 15, 2020

"This generational divide extended into Koo's own work. He said the South Korean theater establishment, which thinks of the theater as "Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, and Molière," rejected his multimedia performances. Koo wanted to develop a...

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