MAR 24 | Curated by Dani Tirrell, featuring El Nyberg, Angel Alviar-Langley "Moonyeka", Kiana Harris, Imani Sims, Alicia Mullikin, and Roache

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MAR 25 | Join a community ritual release of emotionally entangled objects, held as part of Alice Gosti's upcoming show


MAR 29-APR 1 | Do the objects we value start to take over and take on a life of their own?

Mar 18, 2018

A response to In a Rhythm by Bebe Miller Company (Mar 15-18, 2018) (Photo: Robert Altman)   (…)I did not know what to say, my mouthhad no waywith names,my eyes were blind,and something started in my soul,fever or forgotten wings,and I made my own...

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