Solo: A Festival of Dance • Fri, Oct 5

Solo: A Festival of Dance
Fri, Oct 5

7:30 pm (in the OtB building): Dani Tirrell (Seattle)
8:00 pm (Merrill Theater): Tyisha Nedd (Seattle/NYC), Alyza DelPan-Monley (Seattle), Namii (Seattle), Nora Sharp (Chicago)

About the Festival 


Dani Tirrell

Dani Tirrell: The Ties That Bind
with Aquilla Bell

We have not performed together in over 10 years, we have friendship that has lasted over close to 20 years. How does time and distance still connect us? This piece, these solos, explore an emotional connection. It is taking dance to its most human level....LOVE! 

Dani Tirrell (Seattle) creates movement pieces inspired by Dani’s queer, gender non-conforming, and black experience. Dani has danced with Jazz and Spirit Dance Theater of Detroit, Monroe Ballet Company and Dani Tirrell Dance Theater. Dani has performed and shown work at Black Choreographers Festival (San Francisco), Gay City Arts (Seattle), Bumbershoot: Velocity Dance Center Showcase, Showing Out: Black Contemporary Choreographers (Seattle), Young Tanz Sommer (Austria), Northwest New Works Festival: On the Boards (Seattle), Risk/Reward (Portland), Seattle Art Museum, and Erased (Color Lines Dance Ensemble) as part of Nights at the Neptune (Neptune Theater, Seattle).  


Tyisha Nedd

Tyisha Nedd 

Is a “strong black woman” still strong if she’s terrified of bubble wrap? Yes, bubble wrap. This piece is about giving myself permission to be afraid. This work examines resistance to vulnerability by looking at what it means to reserve judgment of another’s fear so that we, ourselves, may be vulnerable with them. We take you through curiosity, terror, vulnerability, levity, and triumph. The variety of movement styles create a visceral tour while the live musical score paints a fluid landscape that morphs around you. Viewed through the absurd lens of my rare phobia this dark, yet comedic and tender stage work blends contemporary forms incorporating text, live music/soundscape, and comedy.

Tyisha Nedd (Seattle/NYC) is a performer, choreographer, and activist. With a background in dance focused on social work, Nedd has worked with inmate populations across the U.S. to bring movement into their rehabilitation practices. Nedd is currently a Master of Science candidate at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her collaborator, Nico Tower, is an award-winning composer, director, performer, and multimedia artist. She has released ten albums, toured nationally, and collaborated with dozens of artists. Nedd and Tower share an interest in community revitalization through the arts.


Alyza DelPan-Monley

Alyza DelPan-Monley

This solo explores the word “fall.” I would like to invite a different soloist to perform this piece each night. In doing this, I hope to show how the form of a solo can exist in the movement's content, and can also be embodied anew by different performers, similar to how a monologue or song maintains its form and yet completely transforms with a different subject.  

Alyza DelPan-Monley (Seattle) seeks to humanize their surroundings with splashes of whimsy, genuine intimate connection, and expansive possibilities. Alyza is eager to find the unexpected ways that dance can synthesize the human experience. Known for quirky nonsensical non-sequiturs and character-ridden theatrics, Alyza believes that dance can burst bubbles and repurpose awkward into awesome.


Namii: Run!

Run! is a solo exploring the ways in which fight or flight show up as life or death for a cultural and gender ambiguous black woman in today’s America. When is it safe to be yourself, and when should you hide, live in disguise, or simply flee your perceived existence. The even more pressing question is, if you choose to run, where do you go? With a mix of live singing, multiple dance genres, and some intriguing, yet uncomfortable audience participation, Run! challenges the audience to witness this exhausting journey and not get winded themselves.

Trained in various styles of dance since the age six, Namii (Seattle) is most inspired by spontaneous dance breaks with her sister Alia Kache, and recent collaborator on Tail Feather, a boi-lesque ballet recently presented by Earth Pearl Collective at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center. Namii's performances have taken the form of one-time-only acts that weave the fun of a drag king with the glamour of a drag queen and the passion of a civil rights activist. 

Nora Sharp
Nora Sharp: Small Boobs

Small Boobs started from a recognition that my solo experiments for many years had consistently processed intertwined anxiety around gender and relationship. As I have worked with these persistent concerns in rehearsal, surprising and tangled topics and tools have emerged for unraveling: childhood, transhood, a looper station, a mini synthesizer, a pile of blue and yellow clothing, daddy issues, repetitive spiraling melodies and song, and a lot of funny stories about bodies and sex (and a donut shop).

Housed within contemporary dance and performance, Nora Sharp (Chicago) makes work that is genre-fluid, incorporating choreography, improvisation, standup, stories, and sound. Following years of studying classical music, reading avidly, and training capoeira angola, their dancemaking practice shifted to incorporate  other performance tools whose forms afford their own specific opportunities for discovery and mutual exchange with audiences.

Photo: Matthew Gregory Hollis


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