Solo: A Festival of Dance • Thu, Oct 4

Solo: A Festival of Dance
Thu, Oct 4

7:30 pm (in the OtB building): Dani Tirrell with Aquilla Bell (Seattle)
8:00 pm (Merrill Theater): Robert Adam Moore (Seattle), Kiruthika Rathanaswami (Edmonton, AB), Wade Madsen with Chloe Albin (Seattle), Vanessa Goodman (Vancouver, BC)

About the Festival 


Dani Tirrell

Dani Tirrell: The Ties That Bind

We have not performed together in over 10 years, we have friendship that has lasted over close to 20 years. How does time and distance still connect us? This piece, these solos, explore an emotional connection. It is taking dance to its most human level....LOVE! 

Dani Tirrell (Seattle) creates movement pieces inspired by Dani’s queer, gender non-conforming, and black experience. Dani has danced with Jazz and Spirit Dance Theater of Detroit, Monroe Ballet Company and Dani Tirrell Dance Theater. Dani has performed and shown work at Black Choreographers Festival (San Francisco), Gay City Arts (Seattle), Bumbershoot: Velocity Dance Center Showcase, Showing Out: Black Contemporary Choreographers (Seattle), Young Tanz Sommer (Austria), Northwest New Works Festival: On the Boards (Seattle), Risk/Reward (Portland), Seattle Art Museum, and Erased (Color Lines Dance Ensemble) as part of Nights at the Neptune (Neptune Theater, Seattle).  

Photo: Jen Au


Robert Adam Moore

Robert Adam Moore: Being

Being started out as an exploration of emotion inspired by music. Longing, Mystery, and Mystical were the ideas that sparked the movement. The piece is about giving in to the idea of a higher calling. It explores the confusion and uncertainty around the idea of life having a purpose and takes a journey through the acceptance of the choice to give yourself a higher purpose and then finding freedom in living life generously because of that choice.

Robert Moore (Seattle) began dancing at New England Ballet and continued at Dee Dee’s Dance Center and New Haven Ballet. He is an alumnus of Ailey Summer Intensive, Cunningham Trust Workshop, Jacob’s Pillow’s Commercial Dance Program, among others. He graduated magna cum laude from the Ailey/Fordham BFA Program and has danced with Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre, The Steps Repertory Ensemble, and AATMA Performing Arts. Robert is currently a Spectrum Dance Theater company member. 

Photo: Marcia Davis


Kiruthika Rathanswami

Kiruthika Rathanaswami: Pushpanjali and Shringara Lahari

Pushpanjali is an introductory item in the bharata natyam repertoire and essentially means offering of flowers. There is also a small shlokam in the middle of work in praise of Bhudda. This work showcases the technical/abstract movements (nritta) of bharata natyam. 

Shringara Lahari will showcase more interpretive dance/facial expressions (nritya) of bharata natyam. This work demonstrates the attractive qualities of the feminine goddess —the delicate limbs, long wavy hair, and shapely hips that captive her lover Shiva who is the destroyer of cupid. The choreography reflects this mood with soft movements, long poses, and facial expressions. Even the abstract movements in two sequences are choreographed with feminine beauty in mind. 

Kiruthika Rathanaswami (Edmonton, AB)is currently based in Edmonton, Alberta, and a bharata natyam dancer, which is an Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu. For the past 22 years she has been under the guidance of Jai Govinda, the Artistic Director of Mandala Arts and Culture in Vancouver. She has performed extensively in Vancouver and has also been presented at notable festivals including Canada Dance Festival, Gait to the Spirit Festival, Horizon Series, Feats Festival, HH11 Dance Festival, Nextfest, Baltimore Dance Invitational, and New Works Dance All Sorts.  

Photo: Ron Sangha Photography


Wade Madsen and Chloe Albin

Wade Madsen 
With Chloe Albin

What is isolation as a state of being? When do we witness ourselves, and when do we find true authenticity in ourselves? Can the dancer, within a split-second, move from experiencing the self, to being seen? This solo (a work-in-progress) is a structured investigation of gesture and impulse, built within the abstraction and development of space. The soloist re-evaluates place in space and performance of space through this investigation. There is no social commentary, just the animation of a solo dancer through movement invention, structure and spatial relationship, and finding the fine line between showing an action/experience and feeling that action/experience. This is a collaboration with the dancer, as well as a musician for an original soundscape.

Wade Madsen (Seattle) is a seasoned choreographer with over 180 works to his credit. He has been a professor of dance at Cornish College of the Arts since 1984. Chloe Albin (Seattle) is a dancer, performer, and teaching artist based in Seattle. She holds a degree in dance from Chapman University, and has performed in the works of many local artists such as Wade Madsen, BenDeLaCreme, Cameo Lethem, Markeith Wiley, Sleep Nod/Dylan Ward, Paige Barnes, Daniel Costa, Jeffrey Frace, and The Three Yells/Veronica Lee-Baik.


Vanessa Goodman

Vanessa Goodman: In Fiction

Blurring the lines between what is real and what is imagined, In Fiction explores the sensation of the body through cognitive understanding and phantasmal imagination. Goodman’s priority is to foster work that reflects the human condition, using dance to decode contemporary experience. The artist’s goal is to create immersive environments, working towards facilitating an engrossing experience for those who witness the work.  

Vanessa Goodman (Vancouver, BC) respectfully acknowledges that she lives and works on the ancestral and unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh people. She is the artistic director of Action at a Distance Dance Society. Goodman is attracted to art that has a weight and meaning beyond the purely aesthetic and uses her choreography as an opportunity to explore the human condition. She was the recipient of the 2013 Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award and the 2017 Yulanda M. Faris Program from the Scotiabank Dance Centre.

Photo: Dayna Szyndrowski


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