Staff & Board

Betsey Brock | Executive Director
Jessica Schroeder | Director of Finance & Operations

Rich Bresnahan | Technical Director
Erica Bower Reich | OntheBoards.TV Manager & House Manager
Sara Ann Davidson | Operations Manager
Cierra Jones | OntheBoards.TV Manager & Audience Services Assistant
Julian Martlew | Sound Technician
Mark Meuter | Production Manager
Beth Raas-Bergquist | Director of Development
Charles Smith | Director of Program Management
Clare Strasser | Associate Producer
Jayme Yen | Director of Design and Communications

Ruth Lockwood | Board President
Tyler Engle | Past President
Tom Israel | Vice President
John Robinson | Treasurer
Caroline Dodge | Secretary
Andrew Adamyk | Member at Large
Norie Sato | Member at Large

Kristen Becker, John Behnke, Kim Brillhart, Maryika Byskiniewicz, Brian Curry, Florangela Davila, Priya Frank, Rodney Hines, John Hoedemaker, Michaela Hutfles, Chiyo Ishikawa, Tom Kundig, Tina LaPadula, Davora M. Lindner, Mari London, Emily Tanner-McLean, Deborah Paine, Mary Ann Peters, Richard Reel, Spafford Robbins, Jimmy Rogers, Ginny Ruffner, Robert Stumberger, Annette Toutonghi,Timothy White Eagle Turner, Josef Vascovitz, Bill Way


Carol Bobo, Dorit Ely, Jerry Fulks, Jeff Gerson, William Gleason, Karen Guzak, David Holt, Lorna Jordan, Mark Kantor, John Kucher, Marge Levy, Robert McGinley, Gene McMahon, H. Stewart Parker, Dave Roberts, Carlo Scanduzzi, George Suyama, Virginia Wyman

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