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OtB Ambassador Event | Nasty Day | June 23, 2015


Gob SquadSuper Night Shot

Sep 6

For ONE NIGHT ONLY, the streets of Lower Queen Anne will become a film set for four artists on a mission: to make everyday life as passionate and thrilling as a Hollywood blockbuster.

The artists take to the streets around...

Before Antoine Defoort & Halory GoergerStudio Supper | with Rex Grigg & PK Frank

Sep 25

Join us on the opening night of Antoine Defoort & Halory Goerger's GERMINAL for a meal created by Rex Grigg & PK Frank of Little Uncle...

Before Murphy/Lachow CompanyStudio Supper | with Donna Moodie

Oct 9

Join us on the opening night of Murphy/Lachow Company's THE MAN WHO CAN FORGET ANYTHING for a meal created by Donna Moodie of Marjorie...

Before Amy O'NealStudio Supper | with Tarik Abdullah

Oct 23

Join us on the opening night of Amy O'Neal's OPPOSING FORCES for a meal created by Tarik Abdullah of A DJ and a Cook....

Robert McGinleyShredder Orpheus

Oct 31

*$12 tickets available for those under 25*

"They're shredding their way to Hell!"


Orpheus’ journey to the underworld is reworked as a post-apocalyptic skate rock-opera in this...


Nov 16 - Nov 23

"...dance can teach us about a way to experience our presence on Earth, as opposed to looking only for the story to work out. Because that doesn't happen."
- Tere O'Connor

OtB partners with Velocity Dance Center in a...

Before Tere O'ConnorStudio Suppers | with Manu Alfau

Nov 20

Join us on the opening night of Tere O'Connor's BLEED for a meal created by Manu Alfau of La Bodega. The pay-what-...

Before Ahamefule OluoStudio Supper | with Ba Culbert

Dec 4

Join us on the opening night of Ahamefule Oluo's Now I'm Fine for a meal created by Ba Culbert of Tilikum Place Café. The pay-what-you...

OtB Ambassador Event: Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night

Dec 13

“immerses the listener in suspended wonderment, as if time itself had paused inside a string of jingle bells” – The New York Times...

Before Mariano PensottiStudio Suppers | with Mike Easton

Jan 29

Join us on the opening night of Mariano Pensotti's CINEASTAS for a meal created by Mike Easton of Il Corvo. The pay-what-you-can sliding...