Young Jean Lee's Theater Company

THE SHIPMENTOct 1-Oct 4, 2009

Young Jean Lee's Theater Company

$24 Merrill Wright Mainstage

"When starting a play, I ask myself, "What's the last play in the world I would ever want to write?" Then I force myself to write it. I do this because I've found that the best way to make theater that unsettles and challenges my audience is to do things that make me uncomfortable." – Young Jean Lee

Over the past 5 years, Young Jean Lee has matured into one of the leading and most provocative voices in contemporary theater. Her most recent work, THE SHIPMENT, ups the ante in confronting her fear about creating an ethnic identity play through the lens of a "black identity politics show." In what is arguably her most hilarious yet challenging work to date, Lee and a talented cast of 5 African-American performers create an unsettling terrain of well-trodden stereotypes that dare audiences to laugh as they consider their own preconceptions about race and culture.

THE SHIPMENT was filmed for and is now available for Stream or Download.

REVIEW | "Off-Center Refractions of African-American Worlds" - Charles Isherwood, NY Times

REVIEW | "By the Skin of Our Teeth" - Hilton Als, New Yorker

FEATURE | "An Evening in Black and White From a Playwright Who Is Neither" - Patrick Healy, NY Times

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