Philippe Quesne | Vivarium Studio

L’Effet de SergeApr 14-Apr 17, 2011

Philippe Quesne | Vivarium Studio

$25 Merrill Wright Mainstage

"If it were possible to pet a piece of experimental theater, that’s what you would want to do to L’Effet de Serge, a French poodle of a show..." - New York Times

Welcome to Serge’s world, where every Sunday afternoon the Buster Keaton-esque Serge opens some wine and invites friends to his low rise apartment to take part in his carefully calibrated tricks. In this subtle spectacular he uses everything in the terrarium-like set, from small found objects to a ping pong table, to create the special effects. The deceptively barebones production has been a hit on the international touring scene (touring to 16 countries) for its winning combination of warmth, humor and set design savvy.

Vivarium Studio was founded by young French director Philippe Quesne in 2003 s a lab for theatrical innovation which features actors, visual artists, musicians and a dog. His background in studies of visual arts, graphic design and set design have influenced the visual nature of the 6 performances he has conceived and directed as Vivarium Studio in the past 8 years. Quesne has also designed for opera, concerts, theater and contemporary art exhibits extensively throughout Europe.

Performance Prospectus: A complete guide to Vivarium Studio [PDF]

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