Frank Boyd & Libby King

Patti & The KidApr 12-Apr 15

Frank Boyd + Libby King: Patti & The Kid (photo: Joseph Lambert/Jazzy Photo)

$23 | $30 WEEK OF • BUY TICKETS 8:00PM • Merrill Wright Mainstage

Straight from the 22nd century, artists and performers Frank Boyd and Libby King present a deeply American riff on Waiting for Godot. In Patti & The Kid, two eccentric and heavily armed outlaws hide in a vast dystopian desert, desperately trying to pass the time. They’ll do anything to stave off their personal demons and the haunted mythology of a country steadily closing in around them. A contemporary Western with Nerf guns, Patti & The Kid examines the American Dream in a post-digital world and explores the human experience of being left behind by technology. 

Frank Boyd is a Seattle-based performer and writer. He is the creator of The Holler Sessions, which premiered at On the Boards in 2015 and has since toured to New York, the Netherlands, Detroit, Seattle again, Minneapolis, and will be Portland in March of 2018. Frank is a company member of the NYC-based ensembles Elevator Repair Service and the TEAM and he has also toured with Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company. Frank is originally from Michigan and came to Seattle by way of NYC. 

Libby King is a performer, writer, and mom currently living in San Francisco. She has been a member of the Brooklyn-based theatre company the TEAM for over a decade. With the TEAM she has helped create and internationally tour four award-winning published plays: RoosevElvis, Mission Drift, Architecting, and Particularly in the Heartland. Libby has also worked with Moisés Kaufman and Tectonic Theatre, Leon Ingulsrud and the SITI company, Vicky Featherstone, and the National Theatre of Scotland. Libby is originally from Nebraska and loves making movies with her wind-up toy collection. 


Development of Patti & The Kid began in Seattle with a residency at Base followed by a workshop at Z Space in San Francisco.

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