Evan Flory-Barnes

On Loving the Muse and FamilyMar 1-Mar 4

Evan Flory-Barnes: On Loving the Muse and Family (photo courtesy the artist)

$23 | $30 WEEK OF • BUY TICKETS 8:00PM • Merrill Wright Mainstage

On Loving is a post-patriarchal celebration of life through music and the multitudinous forms of human relationships. Bassist and composer Evan Flory-Barnes delves into the act and practice of loving and the soul’s perspective on family in the premiere of this new full-length work. Modeled as a variety show in the tradition of the Nat King Cole Show or Dean Martin Show, On Loving integrates Flory-Barnes’ music and philosophy in an evening that is both discursive and sincere. 

Evan Flory-Barnes is a Seattle native who has been composing and performing music since he was a student at Garfield High School. While there Flory-Barnes was a member of its award-winning symphony orchestra and performed with the hip-hop group Maroon Colony. For the past 15 years Flory-Barnes has been performing and composing music with a wide variety of artists from across the musical spectrum, in Seattle and abroad. From classic soul to experimental free improvisation, from son jarocho to hard bop, Flory-Barnes brings a demonstrative passion, joy, presence, and virtuosity to every endeavor. Flory-Barnes is also a member of the genre- and expectation-defying Seattle supergroup Industrial Revelation

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