12 Minutes MaxMar 17-Mar 18, 2013

12 Minutes Max

$8 at the door Washington Hall (153 14th Ave)

Audition for the March 12 Minutes Max on Feb 24, 2013

Robin Held (Executive Director, Reel Grrls)
Cliff Barnes (AKA DJ Seabefore, musician, Universal Zulu Nation & 206 Universal)
Kathy Hsieh (Co-Executive Producer & Creator, SIS Productions)

In HER MOTHER WAS ALMOST COMPLETELY BLIND AND ESSENTIALLY PASSIVE BY NATURE TO BEGIN WITH, Vanessa DeWolf uses objects, images and time-based work to incorporate space and provoke viewers. (Installation)

Seattle choreographer Elia Mrak explores the movement of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in a structured improvisation entitled and. Three dancers and one musician reveal the vitality, choices and affirmations existing in life’s decisions. (Dance) 

Theater artist Zoe Wilson asks two questions: What can happen in 60 seconds and how do you become who you want to be? In her new piece, Becoming in 12 Minutes she searches for the answers. (Theater)

Lullabies (for the Independent Soul) delves into African-American spirituals and timeless ballads. Singer and musician JR Rhodes shares her soulful music as she strives for perseverance and hope. (Music)

Campbell John Thibo, former Columbia City Bakery employee, illustrates aspects of humanness though the craft of kneading and whistling in Bread, Water. (Performance Art)   

Only at the gates of hell will Eurydice finally get over Orpheus and become her own Demigod. In Eurydice Ascending writer and performer Kelsey Wilk speaks and sings as the wood nymph herself. (Theater)

Anarchic radio pirates are out to save the world in Harp Song for a Radical. Director and creator Jeffery Fracé trails back to October 1980, the twilight of possibility. (Theater)

About the Curators
Kathy Hsieh is a theatre artist, actor, writer,  & producer who focuses on work that creates visibility and community for actors of color. Kathy recently appeared in productions with the Seattle Repertory Theatre, Book-It and SIS Productions and was honored in January with a special Gypsy Award recognition from the Seattle Theater Writers as a playwright for her contributions to the long-running theatrical series "Sex in Seattle." She is also the 2012 winner of Seattle's Asian Pacific American Bash's Innovator Award.  Kathy is excited about the work she is doing at her day job with the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs - seattle.gov/arts/ - especially in the realm of Arts & Social Change. For SIS Productions- facebook.com/sisproductions, she is helping to develop several new works projects including "Represent! A Multicultural Playwrights' Festival," "Revealed" - an interactive theatrical tour of the International District, and "Insatiable: Seattle's 8th Annual Asian American Playwrights' Festival."

Cliff Barnes AKA DJ Seabefore A veteran in Seattle's Hip-Hop scene sine 1995. Cliff is currently drumming with the bands The Sharp 5 and The Fat Kids. He is also a member of Universal Zulu Nation and Executive Board member of 206 Universal.

Robin Held is the Executive Director of Reel Grrls, an award-winning media arts program for girls ages 9-19. The first non-profit of in the U.S. to join media-making, leadership, and empowerment; Reel Grrls envision a world where girls and women are leaders in creating media, and are fairly represented both behind and in front of the camera. Before coming to Reel Grrls, Robin served as Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the Frye Art Museum, 2004-2012, where she was a key player in its institutional renovation and its reputation for innovative contemporary art exhibitions. As Associate Curator at the Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, 1999-2004, Held curated such nationally recognized exhibitions as Hershmanlandia: The Art and Film of Lynn Hershman Leeson and Gene(sis): Contemporary Art Explores Human Genomics. 


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