Directions & Parking

OtB is located in lower Queen Anne at 100 West Roy St, Seattle WA, 98119, on the corner of 1st Ave West and West Roy St.**

OtB Map

Driving Directions
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Please note construction on Mercer. Follow the construction updates here.

Bus Routes*
Save yourself the hassle of parking and take the bus! Bus routes to this area: 

  • D line from Ballard to 1st and Mercer
  • #74 from U-District to 1st and Republican
  • #32 to Queen Anne Ave W and W Mercer
  • #16 or #32 from Wallingford to 5th and Mercer
  • #5 or D line from Phinney Ridge to 5th and Mercer
  • #26 or #32 from Fremont to Aurora and Mercer
  • #8 from Capitol Hill to 1st and Mercer
  • #1, #2, #13 or D line from Downtown to 1st and Mercer
  • #8 from the Central District to Queen Anne Ave and Mercer

*Check the re-routing schedule during the Mercer corridor construction

Parking Lots (within 3 blocks of OtB)

  • U-Park - 1st Ave W / West Roy - $10.00 after 6PM
  • U-Park - 1st Ave W (between W Roy & Mercer) - $10.00 after 6PM
  • U-Park - Mercer / 2nd Ave W - $10.00 after 5PM
  • Republic - 2nd Ave W (behind KFC) - $5.00 after 5PM
  • Diamond - 2nd Ave W / W Republican - $5.00 after 6PM
  • Diamond - 1st Ave W / W Republican - $6.00 after 6PM
  • Diamond - 3 lots on 1st Ave W (between W Repub. & W Harrison) - $5-6.00 after 6PM

Coming from out of town?

Stay at the Mediterranean Inn

  • Queen Anne location (right down the street from OtB)
  • Nightly/Weekly/Month-to-Month Rates
  • Kitchenettes
  • High Speed Internet
  • Garage Parking

425 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
local: 206.428.4700 • toll free: 866.525.4700

**Some performances such as 12 Minutes Max may be located off-site. Click Here for a map to Washington Hall.

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