Directions & Parking

OtB is located in Uptown at 100 West Roy St, Seattle WA, 98119, on the corner of 1st Ave West and West Roy St.

Bus Routes: D line, #32, #16, #8, #1, #2, #13
Check the re-routing schedule during the Mercer corridor construction

Parking Lots (within 3 blocks of OtB)
U-Park - 1st Ave W / West Roy - $10.00 after 6PM
U-Park - 1st Ave W (between W Roy & Mercer) - $10.00 after 6PM
U-Park - Mercer / 2nd Ave W - $10.00 after 5PM
Republic - 2nd Ave W (behind KFC) - $5.00 after 5PM
Diamond - 2nd Ave W / W Republican - $5.00 after 6PM
Diamond - 1st Ave W / W Republican - $6.00 after 6PM
Diamond - 3 lots on 1st Ave W (between W Repub. & W Harrison) - $5-6.00 after 6PM

Coming from out of town? Stay close:
Mediterranean Inn Queen Anne
Inn at Queen Anne
MarQueen Hotel

Original performance works from our region are powered by YOU!

We are thrilled to announce our new series. This season is packed with intellectual and corporeal challenges and delights.

The 3 Year Club is made up of OtB’s most diehard supporters. Join the club and get a personalized glass at our bar.